Monday, 9 April 2012

Technology Domino Effect!

So I have officially come full circle. I started out my year at Brock with excitement (I'm going to be a teacher!) and anxiety (how am I going to balance student-life and home-life?) [Side Note: It seems that I approach every major thing in my life with these two feelings - excitement + anxiety...hmmm]

I recall feeling extremes of both these emotions when it came to my registering in the optional "technology" course. I was super excited that I was going to learn new things and become "tech-savvy" but I also had major anxiety regarding adding more work to an already heavy workload. I actually expressed this anxiety in my blog (here), however, upon completion of the course, I realized how much I had learned and reflected on this too in my blog (here).

Now here I am - about to start my last practicum. In preparation for my lessons this week, I've created my powerpoint presentations - pretty standard - AND I have added my "tech-savvy" touch...without thinking twice. What have I done? Well, each of my lessons + worksheets and resources have all been uploaded to a LiveBinder - one LiveBinder for each class. As well, I wrote out the solutions to tomorrow's chemistry worksheet using my LiveScribe pen. This allows me to "talk through" my solutions and explain how I am solving each question. I feel that this will be a great resource for my students to use when they work on their homework.

When I completed my interactive solutions, I attempted to upload them to my LiveBinder, only to discover that the interactive part does not work! Now it was time to troubleshoot - I had taken the time to write out and talk through all my solutions, so I need to make them accessible to my students! I contacted my colleague and fellow "techie", Iain, and asked his advice. He mentioned that he uploads his LiveScribe files to his Google site...

Riiight - my Google site...the one I made up and used during my first practicum and have not touched since. So I proceeded to update my entire Google Site with new tabs that contain all my LiveBinders as well as my LiveScribe notes. While I'm at it, I should update my "About me" page....oh right, and my blog too.... 

How interesting! I started out implementing ONE technology for my classes and, due to a "domino effect" have now added so much more.  I must say, that this all has taken LOTS of time and LOTS of patience! However, when I give my students the link to my Google site tomorrow, it will all be worth it!

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