Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Changing Education Paradigms

So here I am in my second week of my B.Ed.at Brock U. Week 1 was was full of "how to be an effective and engaging" teacher and how "socratic" teaching is not the most effective strategy to use all the time. This came as quite a surprise to me! I graduated from my B.Sc. in 2001 - a full decade ago - and my entire university learning (except labs) was all about listening to lectures, scribbling everything down, memorizing it and "spitting it" back out on the final exam! I have to admit that I remained slightly unconvinced but then my colleague Iain showed me this amazing video which reinforced a lot of what we are being taught.

Here's the video - check it out! Thanks Iain! (http://ibraithw.blogspot.com)

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  1. Thank you for this link. I always enjoy hearing this speech, and each time that I do I find something new to focus on. And yes, this time I recognized a ton of what we're aiming towards within teachers' college as changes that Sir Ken is seeking to inspire.